Under my umbrella


If you have visited Dubai Miracle Garden, you’re probably familiar with its lush works. I am always taken aback by the upkeep of its landscaping.

What is interesting about the garden is that it makes something organic almost inorganic because the greenery is treated to form all kinds of shapes and settings. Dolled up cars, to peacock bushes and even heart-shaped arches it creates a wonderful park. Especially for those couple shoots.

The plants are used as a medium in this place. It makes objects and animals seem soft and almost in motion because of the way it waves and curls around the structures.

Its taken a lot of cues from abroad and amplified it here in true Dubai fashion. We live in a hot city, which is why I thought the adaptation of the umbrella pathway found in Agueda, Portugal is perfect in this context. It blends in like an archway of colorful flowers in the garden, serving to shade as well as create an organic, imperfect pattern to mimic nature.

The umbrellas defy gravity, fooling us for just a second that they are floating in mid-air.

If you want to visit Dubai Miracle Garden


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