Steamy Bathrooms


Working in the ad industry, my eyes are always open to what people put out here commercially. Be it its medium, message or material, Dubai has a different audience to the West and brands have to be tactful when plastering an ad here. It has to be safe, yet sexy. At the end of the day, many of Dubai’s audiences have conservative values, and brands should and do respect them.

Axe ad in bathroom of People by Crystal

Axe ad in bathroom of People by Crystal

Axe ad in bathroom of People by Crystal

Axe ad in bathroom of People by Crystal

Closeup of Axe ad

Closeup of Axe ad

One such ad caught my eye recently. In the bathroom of People by Crystal. Both elegant and sensual, and tastefully executed, the ad was for Axe Dark Temptation and Axe Gold Temptation.

The mirror medium was exploited wonderfully because it complemented the visual message. There were two female silhouettes on either side of the mirror that were each a pose and pressed up against the barrier. The blur edged silhouette treatment made it seem it was almost in a hot shower and as if there was a condensation on the glass.

It created another world on the other side proportionate to you, so that just for a second you can be pleasantly fooled.

The supporting line was “Temptations no woman can resist”

One thought that went through my head was, I wonder how the ad ran in the mens bathroom?

If used right, mirrors can reflect and amplify a message very powerfully. It is an interactive medium, you become part of the piece as well.

So my artsy fartsy readers, how other ways can mirrors work in our favour to convey a message?

I’ll leave you with one last thought by the Iranian artist Monir Farmanfarmaian, “The mirror reflects the sky, water and every colour,” she says. “It is a symbol of light and life and when you stand in front of my mirror work and see the reflections, you are a part of the work itself.” Her dazzling mosaic mirror work was exhibited a while back at The Third Line.

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