Funky Typography


I’ve spotted some lovely type treatments lately.

This one is situated at Story Rooftop Lounge. The seemingly handwritten illustrative type which is shadowed as well. You have to decipher a few of the letters, which makes you read it slower and absorb the message.

This wall at Tom&Serg is a combination of handwritten and block letters to give a casual tone. Its rustic in its look and informal in language. The wall is overcrowded and you lose focus on which message, but that’s kind of the point. You have a little deciphering to do.

This piece I spotted at Spin Dubai, the words were carefully made up of suspended vertical chains. When stood from afar, you can read more of the messages, and up close you can see the tiny chains that compose the message. Very interesting choice of medium.

Lastly, the poster that has been appropriated multiple times. I saw this one at a store in Atlantis Dubai. Same type treatment, different message. Move a little closer and you’ll see the humor.

Overall, I’ve noticed that not letting the whole message be so legible can work in your favor to make it intriguing and creative.

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